Actuarial Executive
​​​​​​​Development Program (AEDP)

NOTICE: The 2022-2023 recruiting season for this program is happening now! You can also visit our events page to see if we'll be on your campus (virtually and/or in person) this fall. Want to learn about Cigna's COVID-19 vaccine policy? Click here. 

AEDP participants posing for a group photo at a program picnic
Jumpstart your career with the same program that gave our Chief Financial Officer his start!

With Cigna's Actuarial Executive Development Program (AEDP), you’ll take your existing math and technical skills and put them to work in a business setting, making a difference for millions across the globe. The knowledge, experience, and mentorship you’ll receive while in the program are designed to develop you into a future business leader.

After graduating from the program, many of our associates continue their career in various functions across the organization. The AEDP has a long history at Cigna, providing members access to a network of graduates including our Chief Financial Officer, Evernorth President and Chief Operating Officer, and Senior Vice President for Business Financial Officer & Investor Relations.

The AEDP also offers a summer internship experience to identify future full-time associates.
AEDP associates posing for a group photo at a program event
Cigna AEDP associates posing with certificates
AEDP associates posing at a program summit

Rotational opportunities:

The AEDP has a dedicated program team, including two credentialed FSAs, that work with associates to identify rotational opportunities that will help you grow into a business leader. As an associate, you'll have 3 to 4 rotations in a wide variety of areas.

Core Actuarial Areas:
  • Pricing
  • Reserving
  • Forecasting
  • Risk Management

Additional areas you can explore:
  • Data & Analytics
  • Investment Management
  • Operations
  • Underwriting

​​​​​​​Take it from them...

Ali L. headshot

Ali L., Current AEDP

"The AEDP’s structured networking opportunities, business-unit spotlights, and abundant exam support make learning opportunities endless.  Substantiating the outstanding professional infrastructure of the AEDP are the intangibles:  a community of brilliant peers who double as friends, accessible and influential leadership, and ample opportunities to get involved in community service, recruiting, and our internship program.”
Justin W. headshot

Justin W., Current AEDP Member

"My summer internship with the AEDP is what sold me on becoming an actuary as it gave me my first real experience in analyzing data to make business recommendations and influence our strategy. It was also a summer filled with making meaningful connections. Now as a full-time program member, I’m still benefiting from those opportunities and more as I’m rounding out my technical skillset, improving my business acumen, and learning how to be a thoughtful and impactful business leader."
Nikaya S. headshot

Nikaya S., Current AEDP Member

“I was introduced to the International Association of Black Actuaries (IABA) through a Cigna Actuary that interviewed me for a summer internship in our Bloomfield office. Cigna has demonstrated its commitment to IABA by becoming a member of their Corporate Advisory Council. It has been rewarding to represent Cigna at the IABA Annual Conference and various events throughout the year."
Vicki A. headshot

Vicki A., AEDP

“The AEDP provides so many opportunities to learn and grow as an actuary and business professional.  I’ve personally benefitted from roles and experiences that have helped me leverage past learnings while challenging me to build out new skillsets.  The result – a win-win for me and the business.  I’ve also been able to develop so many relationships and friendships that continue to help me in my career, and to make the job fun!”
Cigna AEDP associates and interns at a program wellness event

Not quite ready for full-time? Check out our summer internship.

Cigna's actuarial summer internship is designed to identify future full-time associates for the AEDP. In fact, over 75% of our interns join us full-time after college.

As an intern, you're assigned a project to own all the way from data collection and analysis to recommendation communication. At the end of the summer, you’ll present your findings to the entire actuarial department.

And as an added bonus, we have a jam-packed social calendar for our interns made up of Executive and Actuarial speaker series, technical development workshops, baseball games, beach trips, volunteer events, and more!

Internships are available in Austin, TX, Bloomfield, CT, Denver, CO, Nashville, TN and Philadelphia, PA. Recruiting runs annually from August to November.