HealthService Leadership
​​​​​​​Program (HLP)

 The 2022-2023 recruiting season for the full-time program is happening now! You can also visit our events page to see if we'll be on your campus (virtually and/or in person) this fall. 
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HLP associate sharing what it's like to be in the program
It’s no secret that the health care space is incredibly complex. And often those who want to pursue a career in the field don’t know where to start. That’s why we created the HealthService Leadership Program (HLP) to give you the general knowledge and leadership skills necessary to assume a future executive role at Cigna.

Through a series of three to four rotations, each lasting 18 to 24 months, you’ll be exposed to a variety of different roles and teams across the organization. During this time, you’ll be tapped to lead projects that align to Cigna’s enterprise strategy. 

Upon graduation from the program, you’ll be prepared to lead impactful projects and teams across the organization and support our vision of being the premier global health services company.

In addition to full-time opportunities, the HLP also offers summer internships.
HLP associates posing together for a group photo
HLP associates posing at a team outing.
HLP associates posing at a program outing

Areas of exposure:

The HLP is the only rotational program at Cigna without organizational boundaries. The most common areas for our associates to rotate through include, but are not limited to:

  • Core Solutions
  • Global Data & Analytics
  • Government Affairs
  • Government Business
  • Local Markets 
  • Marketing
  • Pharmacy 
  • Provider Networks
  • Service Operations
  • Solutions
  • Specialty Solutions
  • Strategy & Business Development
  • Underwriting

​​​​​​​Take it from them...

Bria D. headshot

Bria D. 

Rotation 1: Product Developer
Rotation 2: Client Service Director
Graduation Role: National Account Executive

In her current role, Bria has overall accountability to lead and manage 11 National Account clients, which represents +200k customers, and ensure retention as well as expand products and services to align on our company’s mission.

“HLP’s impact has extended beyond professional and into my personal life; if it wasn’t for HLP, I would have never relocated to Connecticut. It is through my relocation to Greater Hartford that I found significant leadership opportunities in the community, allowing me to extend impact beyond Cigna's business environment and into meaningful community contributions through my volunteerism.”
Greg W. headshot

Greg W.

Rotation 1: Business Project Senior Specialist, Market Insights
Rotation 2: Business Project Manager, Pharmacy Solutions
Graduation Role: Product Strategy Principal

Greg will continue working on the Whole Person Health strategy team focused on finding opportunities to test and learn which non-clinical risk factors are most relevant across Cigna businesses. Additionally, he will lead several pilots focused on Financial Wellbeing.

“The HLP allowed me to take the time I needed to truly understand the healthcare industry while enabling my continued career development.”

Bradley W. headshot

Bradley W.

Rotation 1: Business Project Manager, Sales Effectiveness
Rotation 2: Business Project Manager, Total Health & Network
Graduation Role: CareAllies Director of Central Operations

In his graduation role, Bradley will lead the CareAllies PMO, Operational Excellence and Operations Management teams to deliver sustained value to our provider partners. 

“With the amazing HLP community, I had a built in network from day one that helped me to navigate the organization and to develop as a leader faster than I could have imagined.”
Julia L. headshot

Julia L.

Rotation 1: Cigna Behavioral Health Controller, Specialty Finance
Rotation 2: Marketing Product Manager, National Segment and BETS Solutions
Rotation 3: Operations Senior Advisor, O500 and National Buyer Group GTM
Graduation Role: Global Data & Analytics Strategic Planning

Central to the development and execution of a strategic path forward for our Data and Analytics teams, Julia is currently building a process for the whole organization to track, report, and view value delivered across GD&A.

“The HLP gave me a truly cross-functional network that exposed me to a huge variety of aspects of the industry right from the start."
HLP associates posing at a group presentation

Not quite ready for full-time? Check out our summer internship.

Jumpstart your health care career with a summer internship in our HealthService Leadership Program (HLP). As an intern, you’ll be assigned to a specific business function that encourages you to build your business acumen and leadership skills, while working on a project aligned to Cigna’s growth strategy. 

And as an added bonus, you’ll be paired with a full-time HLP associate to serve as a mentor and take part in forums with executive and senior leaders. 

But want to know the best part? Interns who continually impress us will be asked to join the HLP full-time after graduation.