Operations Leadership Development Program (OLDP)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We're no longer accepting applications for our full-time early career opportunity or summer internship. As we get ready for the 2021-2022 recruiting season, we will post new opportunities. Check back in August 2021 to see the opportunities we have available. But while you wait, be sure to learn more about our program below.

OLDP associates posing for a group photo in front of a Cigna office building.
Do you have a passion for improving the customer experience and helping organizations operate more effectively? Then our Operations Leadership Development Program (OLDP) could be a perfect fit. This program is designed to rotate associates through different service sites and internal organizations at Cigna to help them develop key project and people management skills.

During your time with us, you'll be encouraged and challenged as you develop into well-rounded, forward-thinking employees, with the skills and subject matter expertise necessary to succeed in any role within the operations field.

And the best part? After associates graduate from the OLDP, they continue to rotate and grow their career. In fact, alumni of this program can be found in almost every organization throughout Cigna.
​​​​​​​The OLDP also offers a summer internship experience to identify future full-time associates.
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Areas of exposure:

As a member of the Operations Leadership Development Program, you'll rotate through several areas of the organization and gain exposure to the following:

  • Integrated Medical Service Operations
  • Heath Services Operations
  • Global Health Benefits
  • Total Health and Network
  • Sourcing and Vendor Management

Roles available to program participants:

Project Management

In a project management role, you'll contribute to the implementation of a large enterprise project. Additionally, you'll be tasked with leading your own small to medium-size projects that could cover anything from data analytics and design thinking to strategy design and business case development. We've also been known to have our associates complete their Six Sigma Green Belt or manage a lean six sigma project.

People Management

In a people management role, you'll be responsible for managing a team with several direct reports. You'll take your direct reports through a full performance cycle – including check-in conversations and coaching – to ensure the team meets its overall objectives. You may also have the opportunity to hire new team members and work on talent identification and selection. During this time you'll develop key skills such as conflict management, motivating others, and managing vision and purpose.

​​​​​​​Take it from them...

Karen G. headshot

Karen G., U.S. Business Project Senior Analyst

"The OLDP has provided me with the dynamic environment needed to grow as a professional. Moving to new states, taking on new roles, and leading one of our program’s work streams has challenged me to be an adaptive and strategic leader.  I’m grateful for the variety of experiences I’ve had with our leaders and associates, and to have kick-started my career with this amazing program! In my role, my responsibility is to strategize and execute on projects that support the people side of change. In the past year, we’ve implemented a brand new EHR (Electronic Health Record System) across all 20 healthcare centers for 1,300 medical staff."
Luisa O. headshot

Luisa O., Operations Lead Analyst

"I love being in the Operations Leadership Development Program because I can be exposed to both people and project management roles within a variety of functional areas in Cigna. The OLDP allows me to expand my connections and grow my network with different stakeholders around the world. In my current role, I am responsible for providing quality oversight on submissions of intake requests from a variety of business owners while supporting them through the Enterprise/IFP IT system."
Joe W. headshot

Joe W., Customer Strategy Senior Advisor

"I love having the opportunity to do work that improves the lives of our customers and colleagues every day. I currently work on our service strategy team focusing on improving our customer experience. I focus on how we invest in innovations such as AI, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to transform how we serve our customers. Outside of my normal duties, I am also the Service Operations Site Leader for our Connecticut office. I love being able to help build our employee community and lead community service initiatives in our local community."
Anna C. headshot

Anna C., Information Protection Advisor

"I love being a part of a Leadership Development Program here at Cigna because I’m encouraged to step outside of my comfort zone and try new things!  Each diverse experience within the OLDP helps me develop the competencies necessary to lead a large operation here at Cigna. The skills gained in the OLDP will be critical to my success as a leader here at Cigna. I now feel confident managing people, inventory, and risk. I’m excited to continue my development into a well-rounded leader!" 
OLDP associates posing at a volunteer event

Not quite ready for full-time? Check out our OLDP summer internship.

During our 10-week summer internship, interns are exposed to all aspects of Cigna’s business operations as they manage a project aligned to our priorities and growth strategy. Projects could include anything from data analysis and process improvement to design thinking and UAT testing. Our goal is to give interns a realistic experience of what it’s like to work in operations by becoming part of a team and being responsible for their project’s results. And interns who continually impress us during the summer will be invited to join the OLDP full-time when they graduate.

The summer internship takes place in our global corporate headquarters in Bloomfield, Connecticut. Interns who live more than 50 miles away will be provided housing.

Recruiting for our summer internship begins annually in late August and runs until February.