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Administration & Corporate Services

At the heart of Cigna, supporting business operations and services
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Customer Service

Listening, problem-solving and focusing on customer needs.
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Data & Analytics

Underpinning our strategies with robust data analysis.
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Direct Patient Care & Pharmacy

At the heart of our business, directly impacting lives.
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Expert risk management, business planning, and forward thinking.
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Human Resources

Attracting, retaining and developing the best people.
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Keeping us one step ahead, always looking for ways we can improve.
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Making sure we’re compliant, all around the world.
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Marketing & Communication

Strategic and operational, positioning us in the marketplace to help us grow and achieve our goals.
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Paying attention to detail to deliver total customer satisfaction
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Project Management

Keeping us on track and making sure all we do delivers a positive impact.
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Sales & Business Development

Building opportunities and driving profitability.


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