Risk Management & Underwriting Leadership Development Program (RULDP)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The 2022-2023 recruiting season for this program will begin in August! In the meantime, scroll down to learn more about the program. You can also visit our events page to see if we'll be on your campus (virtually and/or in-person) this fall. Want to learn about Cigna's COVID-19 vaccine policy? Click here.
RULDP associates posing for a group photo
If you enjoy analyzing data to see the bigger picture and are comfortable with taking and assigning risk, then our Risk Management and Underwriting Leadership Development Program (RULDP) could be a perfect fit. 

The RULDP, comprised of a summer internship and a full-time rotational program, is designed to provide you with the training and on-the-job instruction needed to become a successful underwriter within Risk Management & Underwriting. As part of our Underwriting team, you will directly impact our business on a daily basis by protecting Cigna's sound financial position, which enables us to meet our financial commitments to our customers.

​​​​​​​In Evolve, our full-time part of the program, you’ll take part in two rotations that expose you to different product lines, markets, and buyer groups. For more information about Explore, our 10-week summer internship, scroll to the bottom of the page.

Within the RULDP, you'll be provided technical training through our Underwriting Leadership Training and Risk Assessment (ULTRA) curriculum, comprised of classroom learning, on-the-job learning, mentorship, and networking opportunities. But you won’t spend all your time in a classroom setting learning about hypothetical situations. Instead, we believe in letting you learn by underwriting real Cigna case assignments, making a real difference to our business and earning results.

Areas of exposure:

While rotations will be Risk Management & Underwriting focused, participants will gain exposure to the following functional areas:

  • Cigna Heath Care
  • Voluntary Benefits
  • Pharmacy
  • Stop Loss
  • Dental
  • And more!

What you'll do:

Remember when we said you'll complete projects that make an actual difference to our business? We meant it! As an RULDP associate, you'll be tasked with evaluating the risk of insuring potential Cigna customers and using this information to set premium rates for insurance policies.

While this may seem like relatively simple work, let us remind you that your decisions will directly impact our business on a daily basis. By protecting Cigna's strong financial position, you'll ensure we are able to meet our financial commitment to our customers.

​​​​​​​Take it from them...

Jenna P. headshot

Jenna P., Risk & Underwriting Senior Analyst

“I accepted a role within the Cigna underwriting department as my first job after graduating Penn State in 2017. Just one year after joining Cigna, I was accepted into the underwriting rotational program as a result of my passion to learn and grow within the organization. In a little under two years the rotational program has afforded me the opportunities to attend conferences, lead projects, network in new ways, meet matrix partners, and engage in more detailed financial conversations. Cigna does an excellent job of providing all of the opportunities a young professional needs to be successful, and the rotational program pushes that bar even further. I am so thankful to have found a company, and a program, right out of school that has allowed me to flourish by consistently enabling me to try new things and supporting me in both the easy and exciting opportunities as well as the harder and more challenging endeavors.”
Maxwell M. headshot

Cayenne M., Risk & Underwriting Analyst

“I was a Medical Underwriting Intern during the summer of 2018 and loved that the program allowed me to work on a real book of business and provide a meaningful contribution to the company. I enjoyed the internship so much that I accepted a position in the RULDP Evolve program where I am currently in my first rotation. The internship provided me with high level concepts of underwriting and throughout this year I have been able to expand on that knowledge. As I progress through the program, I’m most looking forward to the opportunity to get variety within my job and build my rapport and network within the company.”
RULDP associates all posing together at a team event

Not quite ready for full-time? Check out our summer internship.

As a summer intern, you'll spend 10 weeks with us evaluating the risk of insuring potential Cigna customers and using that information to set premium rates for insurance policies. During this time you'll also contribute to an intern group project, participate in community service initiatives, and attend speaker series. And the best part? Interns who continually impress us will be invited to take part in the RULDP full-time when they graduate.

Internships are available to rising seniors and are located in Bloomfield, CT, Philadelphia, PA, Chattanooga, TN, Franklin, TN, Denver, CO, and Phoenix, AZ.

Recruiting runs annually from August to November.