Meet Lynne, one of our Customer Service Advocates.
Lynne, Customer Service Advocate, Cigna “I love my job here at Cigna. Cigna truly cares about their employees. When I had a loss in my family, Cigna made sure I had the support I needed to help my family through this difficult time. I was in training at the time and my team sent a wind chime, which reminds me of their caring each time I hear it. Some days when I struggled with the loss, my teammates alerted management who made sure to talk me through what I was going through. I also took advantage of our great EAP program to access the best counselor I have ever had. I meet with her periodically to this day. And in my role, Cigna allows me to extend that same care to my customers so that they know I truly care about their needs and will resolve their issues.”


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